Acoustic Research Platinum Series Hdmi Cable, 6ft


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Supports resolutions up to 2160p 4K
600Hz refresh rate
48-bit max color depth
28.5Gbps max bandwidth
High-bandwidth, low-interference design delivers superior digital A/V performance
High-purity, silver-soldered internal connections guarantee accurate digital signal transfer
24k gold-plated, precision-molded HDMI(R) connectors provide enhanced picture & sound by lowering signal resistance & keeping connections corrosion-free
Dense, multishield design (95% braid & 100% Mylar(R) foil) guarantees accurate digital performance by providing optimum isolation from RFI/EMI
Stranded 99.997% pure, polished, oxygen-free copper conductors & twisted-pair construction minimize resistance & signal loss for digital data transfer & accurate A/V reproductio